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Mentorship Programs

Group programs and personalized, private mentorships to help you find your guiding light and feel confident in your choices. Parenting, relating & communicating, witchcraft & divination.

Individualized Mentorship

Get dedicated attention and individualized strategy with a one-to-one (or two-to-one, if you're interested in relationship or parenting work with your partner). I will tailor our work together to suit your availability, goals, present circumstances, and learning and communication styles. I will hold space for you as you shed the layers of conditioning and behavioral patterns that do not serve your divine desires, goals, and visions for your life and relationships. Together we will unlock your chains and unshackle your soul.

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Group Programs

Community, connection, reflection. When you work in a group to heal yourself you are given the magnificent opportunity to be witnessed in your growth, to experience unmasking your true self, and to be met and held with empathy by those you understand what you have been through. Group programs are a wonderful way to practice the flow of giving and receiving, as you are supported by your cohort members and in turn you have the honor of supporting them as they heal and grow. If it is the right fit for you at the right time, group programs can accelerate your journey and bring you massive clarity and change. Get ready for big shifts, exponential empowerment, and some damn good times as you laugh and learn with your peers.

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