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Get to know me with an illumination session.

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Working with me is all about joy, ease, confidence, and unconditional love. You can expect a completely non-judgmental and compassionate relating style from me.


I do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, physical or mental capabilities, or any other qualifier that is based in oppressive social structures.


I will be there to see your struggles and accomplishments as an individual. You will feel seen and heard, and you will get guidance and advice that is tailored to your goals and authentic style.


You will be accepted for who you are, I only ask that you treat me with the same respect and love that you receive.


My work centers around helping people learn to trust their intuition, express themselves authentically, and create relationships that are focused on empathy, autonomy, and accountability.


I use all the tools I have collected in my tool box along with my innate gifts to help my clients become their most divine selves.


This includes tarot, meditation, affirmations, somatic exercises, visualization, rituals and spiritual practices, spell-work and invocations, channeling and spirit guide work, gentle and compassionate accountability, radical acceptance, and gritty realism in harmonic balance with non-religious faith and spirituality.


I specialize in:


Helping people of all gender expressions to navigate parenting intuitively by ditching the self-doubt and learning to lean into your intuition to parent holistically, taking the well-being of the entire family *and* each individual into account


Helping grown folks create healthy relationships with family through boundaries, communication and healing practices so that you can ditch the toxic familial patterns without cutting them out of your life


Helping non-religious people create spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies so that they can connect to the divine in a way that feels like a true expression of themselves


Together we can end your internal oppression and liberate your self.

Let me know if you're ready to feel free.

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