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Tarot provides access to the magic that is within each of us. The cards themselves are just cards, but the imagery and the artists’ intentions and interpretations therein are where the magic begins. The images and words on the cards and in guidebooks help us to unlock our hidden knowledge, deepen our connection to our inner wisdom, and tap into the universal flow of energy.

Tarot Reading

My tarot readings include potent messages channeled by an intuitive goddess (ahem, that’s me) to bring you ever closer to your greatest potential and to help you LOVE the life you’re living.
A total of zero people who have received a tarot reading from me felt that the messages I shared with them did not resonate. 
Those who receive a tarot reading from me respond that the messages I channel are not only accurate to their life in that moment, but also helpful to them.
I can change your outlook with a single card, like I do for members of my Facebook group with my free readings for Tarot Thursday (join us Divinely Me - Shine Bright with Authenticity and Pleasure)

Gain clarity, confidence and guidance from my spirit guides and yours.

I channel messages using tarot as a medium to help me receive what is coming in for you from ancestors and spirit guides, and the Universe/Goddess/Source.

From "a la carte" readings to year long packages, my tarot readings will help you love yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself.

Check out the offerings below, or contact me to create your own package or spread.

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Tarot Training

Learn to read tarot, ignite your intuition and unleash the witch within you.

For those who are just dipping their toes into the magickal waters to those who have honed their craft intentionally and want to deepen their practice. I am here to bring out your most empowered self, strengthen your intuition, and initiate your inner high priestess.

Do you feel the longing to engage more profoundly with your self and the world around you? My calling us to guide you as you explore that longing through intuitive witchcraft, intimate ritual and ceremony, and bespoke spiritual practice.

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